TeamBLMG - Our focus is on excellence and our commitment is to you.

When you become part of the Black Label Family, you will continually hear us refer to ourselves as a ‘Team’ because that’s how we strive to make your Black Label experience the best it can be. It all takes team work. With years of experience in the marine industry, not only in our careers but also as customers, we understand what works and what doesn’t. We’ve been on both sides. Our focus is excellence and our commitment is to you. 

From the founders of this company, to the sales, service, finance, and customer support staff, you will find we all work closely together, keeping in mind that the strong relationships we build with our customers are what will enable us to become your ‘go-to’ marine dealer for generations to come. Let’s build this together.

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Our Team

Jeremiah Swett

Phone: 352-451-1833

Donny Testa

Sales Manager
Phone: 727-241-4103

Carrie Chambers

Manager, Finance and Insurance
Phone: 727-241-4109

Dave Mangano

Phone: 727-241-4104

Lester Morales

Phone: 352-451-1835

Kevin Walker

Service Manager
Phone: 727-241-4105